How many employees in MOSO?
We have 50+ employees at Shenzhen MOSO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.. We ensure that each department has at least five talents so that the business can run smoothly. Of this, the professionals at the production department should be highlighted. They are a strong support to our order processing and business expansion. It is their continued efforts and well-arranged workflow that guarantee the high-quality, on-time delivery. It is notable that we have a new plan to develop products that are focused on certain countries and regions and that we would recruit more talents for this sector. The increasing number of employees is the showcase of our business development.

MOSO is a company that specializes in led rainproof power supply and can be highly elastic, cohesive and reliable. MOSO provides a wide range of high bay led driver for customers. The manufacturing process of MOSO waterproof power supply is complicated. For example, its semiconductors must undergo a rigorous cleaning process to remove dirt and dust. The product can withstand constant sunlight exposure without failure. non isolated led driver has a lot of characteristics like non-isolated led driver. The product has a transient protection circuitry system.

We have been engaged in low power led driver industry for many years and can guarantee high quality. Ask!
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