How LED dimming power supply for the dimmer?

by:MOSO     2020-03-13
LED dimming power supply with regulating speed, high precision, etc, was welcomed by the market. But how is it that LED dimming power supply for dimming? 1. The direct source current adjustment technology. If you want to change the brightness of the LED, only lost straight power supply to adjust to it. According to the ohm theorem, the brightness of the LED in the road is with the drive current was positively than relations; Drive current, the greater the LED lamp brightness is more bright, if the current is the less brightness is low. This kind of method to adjust the LED lamp brightness, simplicity, easy to operate. 2. Adjust the direction of forward current. In addition to using the above method, which also can be used to adjust forward current way to achieve a goal. But this kind of method to adjust the LED brightness exist a problem, now most of the LED dimming power supply are made with blue LED to excite yellow phosphor to produce white light. When the direction of the forward current change, blue LED brightness will become weak, the thickness of yellow phosphor will not change. At this time will cause the LED the dominant wavelength of the spectrum increases, cause white LED color deviation. It is this problem, this method use is not widespread. 3. Adjust the size of the forward current. Different sizes of forward current, inspire yellow phosphor luminescence brightness of LED. A weakness of this method, different specifications of the LED dimmer power in proportion to the size and brightness of the forward current curve is not the same, is not suitable for all the LED lights, there will be many inconvenience in practical use. So, although this method is simple, but in life is not applied widely. The above content is first introduced to here, if use LED dimming power supply in the future, may wish to consult. Electrical focus on the LED light, 10 years experience in special lighting development, professional LED dimming power supply customized service. To the company's website http:/// for more, hotline: welcome to the factory guidance:
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