Highly scalable SCALE- IFlex Gate Driver solution simplifies system design

by:MOSO     2019-12-16

Power Integrations latest SCALE-IFlex™ The gate driver system can easily realize the latest withstand voltage in the industry between 1. 7 kV to 4. 5 kV IGBT, hybrid and silicon carbide (SiC) Parallel connection of MOSFET dual channel power modules. It can provide highly flexible system scalability with minimum development cost.

This solution can be used immediately. It is controlled by a central insulation Master (IMC)And one or four module-adapted gate drivers (MAG)Composition. The main features include:


• Adopt electrical or optical fiber interface

conforming to reinforced insulation • Wide input voltage range: 15 V to 48 V

• Excellent switching performance


• This scheme includes different product options and can support different power modules, manufacturers and semiconductor switching technologies

of 1700 V, 3300 V and 4500 V voltage levels •With advanced soft shutdown (ASSD) Short circuit protection function

• Analog DC bus voltage and NTC temperature measurement

•Undervoltage lockout (UVLO) Protection

double-sided three-proof paint can provide extremely high reliability for demanding applications, these applications include wind turbine inverters, industrial drives, and main propulsion and auxiliary inverters for rail transit applications.

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