Grounding switch power supply, switching power supply of the three major role!

by:MOSO     2020-03-14
Switching power supply grounding function mainly includes the following aspects: 1. Improve the stability of the switch power supply circuit system, which is beneficial to suppress interference. Switching power supply to connect to the earth, can improve the stability of electronic equipment, circuit system. Electronic equipment if not connected to the earth, relative to that of earth will present a certain potential, the potential will be under the action of interference field changes, resulting in circuit system is not stable, if the electronic equipment & other; Throughout the &; Connected to the earth, making it in a real zero potential, can restrain the interference effectively. 2. Grounding switch power supply can discharge due to accumulation of electrostatic induction on the chassis charge, avoid the interference of charge accumulation. By earthing can discharge due to electrostatic induction in the accumulation of charge on the chassis and wiring, avoid charge accumulation formation of the high pressure leads to the interference and damage caused by discharge inside the equipment. Switch power supply chassis grounding, electrostatic shielding and electromagnetic shielding can be achieved. 3. Grounding switch power supply can provide security for electronic equipment and operating personnel. The output of the switch power adapter or electronic equipment casing to the potential of the earth is zero, no floating voltage, does not produce static electricity and the feeling of electric shock.
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