Fully automatic digital DALI intelligent control system

by:MOSO     2020-03-07
DALI protocol ( Digital Addressable Lighting Interface Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) Is currently the world's most advanced used for lighting intelligent control system of asynchronous serial digital communication protocol open. Using DALI intelligent control technology of the professional LED lighting lamps and lanterns, through system programming can only addressed to each lamps and lanterns, and carries on the centralized control, separate control, group control or scene control, realize the brightness, color temperature, color, such as linear control, or set up different scenarios mode, plans, tasks, monitoring of energy consumption, the health condition monitoring of lamps and lanterns, etc. Connected to the DALI system not only can use the computer control of lamps and lanterns, can also be controlled by other mobile terminals, such as mobile phone, tablet, etc. Yuan hao DALI intelligent control system in control system can not only save energy for you, what's more, he know the intelligent identification, the system can judge the environment brightness, provide automatic filling light function, lamps and lanterns will automatically shut down during the day, at dusk or insufficient indoor brightness, system assure indoor illumination constant, guarantee that people work in the optimal conditions, increase your comfort level, and greatly save the energy consumption; System can not only control the indoor lighting scene, and can provide the corresponding color temperature control function, from the 3000 k ( Warm color) - - - - - - 6000 k ( Cold white) To optimize the environment scene, the promotion personnel emotion; Model can adjust the lighting scene, then according to the arrangement of the environment optimization of lighting system. Yuan hao DALI intelligent lighting control system through a variety of sensing probe, automatic control scene illumination intensity, on the basis of natural light intensity, real-time optical: channel and building lighting can automatically when dark light, improve the ability of construction safety and accident prevention. Intelligent control system of constant lighting control: yuan hao DALI intelligent lighting control system in the office environment lighting can be adjusted according to demand a separate switch or brightness, make the best use of natural light, to achieve the best office lighting, energy conservation and environmental protection. Dynamic induction electric: yuan hao DALI intelligent lighting control system in the hallway and channel lighting to lights, people go, the lights went out, or you can choose brightness gradient, from the smallest light automatically switch to full brightness. Color and dimming control: yuan hao DALI intelligent lighting control system, according to customer needs, choose the white or other light color, custom personality exhibition space lighting, can save various scene Settings, choose at any time. Shenzhen intelligent lighting scene control: yuan hao DALI intelligent lighting control system according to different needs, the exhibition theme Settings to save multiple optimal lighting scenario, select the default scenario, you can enjoy perfect and comfortable lighting. Time sequence set intelligent control system scene: yuan hao DALI intelligent lighting control system can according to the season, time changes, combined with the preset lighting scene order, every year or every week transform lighting scene, unusually brilliant. The third party system integration patterns: yuan hao DALI intelligent control system to provide the interface, the third party system integration can be used for DALI light setting adjustment.
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