From the 2017 Hong Kong autumn lighting ZhanKan LED lighting market development trend in the future

by:MOSO     2020-03-06
Sponsored by the Hong Kong trade development council of Hong Kong international lighting fair fall ( Autumn light displays) Today it is over. Charm is the 19th annual Hong Kong lighting fair value is still on the rise, according to statistics, the annual autumn light displays gathered 2670 companies from 38 countries and regions, including Denmark and South Africa's new exhibitors, scale is successive. Sweet international lighting fair autumn special through its overseas offices network organization 78 buyers, invited more than 7600 important buyers from different countries and regions to visit Hong Kong two exhibition and procurement. Autumn light displays to attract buyers from all over the world come to visit procurement, venues and warm atmosphere and communication. This article take you to review the lighting event from different angles, in order to help you understand the Hong Kong lighting industry. China strong a world bright lighting industry experts guo-qing tang teacher, at the invitation of the Hong Kong trade development council in autumn light displays, the following is he looked after the comments and interpretations. Mosquito repellent lamp, LED lamp can drive midge? Previously heard of semiconductor bosses, Mr Chang has been vigorously promoting, nanchang university professor Wang Guangxu ( Feng-yi jiang headmaster training) , also has been introduced, their silicon yellow light, is the customer to choose. It is said that: the wavelength of mosquito lamp in 585, color temperature between 3000 k. Again, it is said, to 30 minutes before work. Whether you believe it? The somebody else is also out of the hundreds of thousands of a summer. I thought: if the tiger, out flies, the drive midge again. Makeup light makeup light: the magic way to spell out the ever-changing color piece, using intelligent control technology and imaginative composition. Speed of 350 km high-speed rail Renaissance car number, on the roof light blue sky white cloud, is my friend in shenzhen a shanxi's works. Creativity is really good, but it is static. If make it dynamic effect, LED display is preferred, but electricity was not enough. The projection? The space is insufficient. Puzzled me for many days, but see this time. Immediately, immediately, and now, just a phone call, is predestined friends the miles to hand in hand. Filament lamp: a flower sweet, foreign companies on the first floor hall foreigners favorite hang is a filament lamp, pay attention! Is tie-in pinch on the lamp, see the light, and light, also the trouble to make a 'dummy' to play the piano, why not have a robot? 。 Unlike some companies in China, naked light nude, meet in the afternoon. I think that, if want to be in the lamp and light atmosphere, filament lamp is a not too the collocation of two. All things can't be too anxious, shifted, heavy taste, is also the people believe that need not many days, every family will enjoy. Because there are emotional appeal, style, tone light, also the demand of the good life. Household lights: household lights seem to market more and more fire, small and medium-sized enterprises monopolizing the market day seems to be gone. Original lighting designers of leds first alien rejected, after is fondle admiringly. LED, can let you think you think, willful act. Draw, loop, tinted, wear a hat, capsules and so on. Is not afraid to do, and they were afraid. Nowadays, adding in cross-border Internet +, household lights or home intelligent control system of light, is your indispensable partner in my life. Coupled with this year's Nobel Prize in medicine, award to decipher the password of the internal three us scientists, household lighting is perhaps a push for that. A modified lamps and lanterns, chandeliers that is into green leaves red flowers, safflower is refers to the lamps and lanterns. I think on the LED light source has little doubt that the basic Chinese companies in the world, China is strong, bright world. The foreigner again how, is only the icing on the cake. But in the lamps and lanterns, lighting area is big different, historical origin and the differences of exotic culture, have a plenty of articles to do. One of the features of the exhibition is full of beautiful things in eyes, eye platform to meet all kinds of lamps and lanterns, stylist spot is worth watching. Other aspect, according to observation, in terms of lighting products, compared with last year, the exhibition on display in the plant lighting related products also increased obviously. Many domestic and foreign buyers interested in plant lighting, and stop to discuss. In addition, leds, intelligent lighting control and environmental protection products, is still the show of popular products, can be said to be another a trend of lighting industry. The autumn light displays are divided into several galleries, display a variety of innovative and personalized lighting, convenient buyers purchasing target. 'Famous lamp assemble corridor' to show more than 650 Hong Kong and the international famous brand; LED lighting and environmental protection lighting exhibition gathers more than 1100 exhibitors, gathering all kinds of electric energy saving LED lamps and lanterns, as well as the latest environmental protection and energy saving solutions on the market; A new 'LED lighting components' exhibition for manufacturer for all kinds of LED components, such as lighting fittings, transformers, etc. ; And 'smart lighting and lighting solutions' exhibition, showcase lighting of fashion design, software, management system and the design of intelligent lighting, etc. Hong Kong lighting export situation, vice President of the Hong Kong trade development council qi-liang zhou said lamp is acted the role of export performance not common in Hong Kong this year, the first three JiSheng 4. By 7% to 73. Hk $200 million, mature markets such as the United States ( + 11. 5%) , the Netherlands, + 43. 2%) , Sweden ( + 23. 7%) , has achieved double-digit growth, emerging markets such as the uae and polish gain more 63 respectively. 3%, 141%. The qi-liang zhou said that Hong Kong will Yu Dongmeng next month signed a free trade agreement, believe that will further promote commercial ties between Hong Kong and asean countries, lamp act the role ofing industry will benefit. Hk $3. 8 billion, among them, the growth of Hong Kong exports to Thailand and Vietnam up to 30. 9% and 22. 3%.
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