Frequently on 13 shares. The 500 million sale of semiconductor lighting business

by:MOSO     2020-03-07
Frequently shares on October 25th evening announcement, the company proposed preliminarily determined with 1. 35 billion yuan price to sell the affiliated party zhi-yong huang subsidiary new frequently on the 90% stake, often on a 100% stake in semiconductor and taking a stake in the company on the 30% stake, anhui attendance Jiang Xiqin 30% stake, lai fu photoelectric 30% stake, anhui state large attendance 25% stake, national policy photoelectric 20% stake in fujian province and jiangsu province before 13. 33% stake, hui reputation with 4. 67% stake, division 3 semiconductor. A 75% stake, zhi-yong huang cash payment for the transaction on the price. Learned that constitute the material assets reorganization of the transaction. The transaction related index calculation is as follows: note: when calculating the financial index proportion, frequently on the share of total assets, net assets, and revenues are from audited 2016 annual consolidated financial statements of listed companies, plans to sell assets of total assets, net assets, revenue from new frequently, often without audit semiconductor 2016 annual financial statements, with a net worth of net assets attributable to the parent company for shareholders. It is understood that the dealing party of the assets up for sale for Mr Zhi-yong huang. Is a factory director, Mr Zhi-yong huang is frequently shares on actual controllers Mr Xu-liang li's brother-in-law, his spouse ms. Annie lee 4 listed companies. 65% of the shares. Shares before the transaction, frequently on the internal transfer assets, new frequently carries on the semiconductor lighting business. In recent years, the macro economy and the semiconductor lighting industry growth, the influence of such factors as frequently shares on semiconductor lighting business revenues, are in decline is the operating margin, operating profit. According to the last two years on the new attendance issue unaudited simulation of the consolidated financial statements, 1-2015, 2016 and 2017 In April, semiconductor lighting business revenue of 73292 respectively. 620000 yuan, 58332. 250000 yuan, 18411. 950000 yuan, the operating margin of 20876 respectively. 440000 yuan, 17734. 360000 yuan, 6693. 020000 yuan, the operating profit of 9 respectively. 450000 yuan, 804. RMB 620000, - 1663. 830000 yuan. Frequently on semiconductor lighting business performance is declining, seriously affected the level of profitability and also restricted the future development space. Through this transaction, frequently share will exit on semiconductor lighting business, main business great changes will occur. Shares on the future, diligent will further education through mergers and acquisitions services industry related assets, increase the education business layout, realize the business transformation, promote the competitiveness of the industry of listed companies, profit level and enterprise value. Has passed before the transaction, frequently on the shares acquired 100% guangzhou yong man and a series of mergers and acquisitions investment into education field, and then further strategic deployment in the field of private education, launched a series of acquisitions: little red riding hood and liuzhou city education investment consulting co. , LTD. , the shareholders signed a framework agreement of transfer of assets, and the concave and convex education consulting co. , LTD. , changsha, Beijing's education consulting co. , LTD. Shareholders signed the capital/purchase memorandum, face to face with the Ed education group stakeholders signed investment agreements, founded in early 2017 and completed in shenzhen co. , LTD. , the acquisition of English education industry. Frequently on shares, said the deal is the company to further deepen the adjustment of industrial structure, speed up the transformation of education important strategic moves the pace of business. Business for the attendance on the stake out of semiconductor lighting, transformation of education, industry insiders hold different views and attitudes. Long haohappy Yu group foshan branch r&d director for high LED said, the macro economy and the semiconductor lighting industry growth factors such as environment, lighting industry are in decline is the operating margin, operating profit. Didn't grasp the core technology of lighting business prospects will be more and more narrow, and at the same time the company's future development space. Focus only to master the core technology, comprehensive, based on the core technology, disruptive innovation, to make enterprise bigger and stronger. 'The richest industry is health care, education, frequently on the layout education field at the right time for the enterprise to obtain greater profit growth point. 'Haohappy said. However, there is the personage inside course of study for the attendance on the move. A not willing publicly to name the personage inside course of study, said: 'business frequently share sale on semiconductor lighting, reflect the company lack of competitiveness in this field. Lighting industry 'first wave' transformation of education, in completely unfamiliar territory, the future of pressure and challenge will not be smaller than the LED industry, prospects for worrying! ”
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