Forget the heat sink. PI's new power chip will completely liberate the power adapter

by:MOSO     2019-12-19

Why is the notebook getting thinner and thinner, but the power adapter is always bulky? Because the efficiency of the power supply is difficult to improve, resulting in a large amount of heat loss, the heat sink has to be added to conduct heat, resulting in the adapter volume cannot be reduced. However, with PI InnoSwitch™ With the release of chips, the era of no heat sink has come.

The Secret of heat sink removal

The Improvement of power efficiency is the secret of heat sink-free design. Take an old adapter with an input power of 45W as an example. If its full load efficiency is 87%, the heat dissipation is 5. 85 W. If we use its volume as a reference (Assuming its volume is 1) After using the product designed by InnoSwitch3, its volume can be reduced by 70% only in terms of heat dissipation, and the heat to be dissipated can be reduced to 2. 7 W, while the efficiency can reach 94%.

as the latest generation of this series of products, InnoSwitch3 adopts a variety of latest technologies, enabling designers to easily achieve more than 93% efficiency under any input voltage and load conditions, and after optimization, the efficiency value can reach 94%.

Yan Jinguang, senior training engineer and laboratory manager of PI company, believes that, innoSwitch3 products have more accurate control and QR (Quasi-resonant) The increase of models is the decisive factor for efficiency improvement. The new control mode enables the product to realize extremely fast dynamic response and low output ripple; At the same time, various protection modes such as overvoltage, overcurrent and over-power improve the safety characteristics of the product.

This generation of products has three sub-series:

CE Series: external current detection. The output current adopts external detection method, which can provide accurate constant current/constant voltage adjustment rate, thus improving design flexibility. Suitable for compact chargers, adapters, internet of things and building automation applications with only a single output voltage.

CP series: constant power output characteristics. Suitable for USB power transmission (PD) , Fast charging and other applications requiring variable output voltage.

EP series: embedded power supply. The MOSFET with the highest rated voltage in this series is integrated (725 V) , Can provide comprehensive input voltage and load protection, and has excellent multi-output cross adjustment rate, suitable for demanding industrial control and home appliance applications.

The maximum output power of this series of products has reached 65 W, with a wide range of applications. If the front stage uses a power factor correction circuit, it can output higher output power to meet the needs of more applications.

a scheme with both efficiency and safety

traditional adapter power supplies are isolated by optocouplers. PI has developed FluxLink technology in another way, magnetic inductance coupling is used to carry out communication across the primary side and the secondary side, CCM and quasi-resonant switch are matched, and synchronous rectifier diode is actively controlled, the system not only has the advantages of accurate control of secondary side output, but also has the advantages of simple primary side circuit, and at the same time eliminates the weakness of optocoupler that its performance decreases with the increase of application life, the reliability of the power supply is greatly improved.

as a safety device spanning both ends of the safety isolation belt, InnoSwitch3 also has extremely high safety characteristics. In addition to the various safety protection functions mentioned above, it also has CQC, UL and TUV safety isolation certification. The new ultra-thin InSOP package ensures creepage distance/clearance exceeding 11mm. Can easily meet China's 5000-meter altitude (9. 5mm creepage spacing)CQC requirements.

The advanced features of InnoSwitch3 are not limited to this. Due to the Fluxlink technology with digital feedback, the scheme of InnoSwitch3 has excellent dynamic response characteristics. Even if the load of the power supply jumps from no-load to full load, it will not feel obvious voltage changes at the output terminal, Yan Jinguang added, compared with other products, it also has extremely low no-load power consumption and very high standby efficiency.

This product has such high performance that it is not difficult to apply. According to Yan Jinguang, the PI Expert design tool developed by PI itself is adopted, and even a newly graduated novice can design a decent power supply product.

currently, InnoSwitch3-CP and InnoSwitch3- Ce ic samples are now available, while InnoSwitch3- EP devices will be available in November 2017. Design tools including PI Expert can be found on PI's website.

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