Flexible LED driver design can turn rgbw led into voice-controlled intelligent lighting

by:MOSO     2019-12-18

smart lighting is one of the most important components in the smart home market. As the functions of intelligent lighting become more and more advanced and complex, such as wireless dimming, color adjustment and voice control, design engineers are facing more technical challenges. While integrating the latest functions and communication networks, still maintain high efficiency and a small number of components.

Power Integrations®A new design example report (DER-630) This is a 12 W isolated flyback power supply that can drive rgbw led Downlight and has ultra-low standby power consumption. This highly integrated design shows PI's LYTSwitch®- The flexibility of the 6 LED driver IC enables seamless operation with various network components.

just put Casambi™Bluetooth low energy consumption (BLE) Mesh module replaced with E3Control™ BLE module or Broadlink™Wi- Fi module can create a new design. The new module can change the color of downlights through the voice control of most major intelligent speakers. With accurate constant pressure adjustment rate and fast dynamic load response, LYTSwitch- 6 can realize dimming power-off and smooth dimming without flicker.

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