Exclusive all-day seminar: learn how new technologies bring innovation to power design?

by:MOSO     2019-12-17

Hello, engineer:

Please register for the all-day InnoSwitch™ held exclusively by Power Integrations. Technical Seminar to become an expert in the field of innovative switching power supply design.

The InnoSwitch power supply IC integrates the primary, secondary and feedback circuits into a surface mount package that meets global safety standards. In these new devices, high-precision secondary-side direct voltage and current measurements are achieved with high-speed digital FluxLink™Technology communicates across the security isolation layer. This feedback technology can not only provide accurate control and save space, but also improve reliability and dynamic response.

& rArr; Register now! Open-ended Limited. Click here to book a location now.


• Design engineer

• Engineering manager

Learning content

• Main Features and working principle of InnoSwitch power conversion IC

• How to use InnoSwitch to design energy-efficient power supply

•? How to make a design that is fully optimized and suitable for production

• How to use PIXIs design tool to optimize power supply design

•? Design scheme of adapter, charger and auxiliary power supply

• Best practice cases meeting global energy efficiency standards

activity arrangement

• A five-hour in-depth technical seminar

• Immediate feedback and opinion sharing by PI technical experts

• Morning tea break and lunch are provided

seminar venue

• November 10: Shunde district, Foshan City

• November 11: Shenzhen

• November 13: Shanghai

& rArr; Register now! Open-ended Limited. Click here to book a location now.

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