Equipment Operation and Maintenance Manual for communication power supply

by:MOSO     2020-02-22
The facilities of communication power supply are used for maintenance manual: With the development of communication, the facilities of communication power supply, like other specialties, are also changing with each passing day. Rectifier facilities have developed from phase-controlled power supply to high-frequency switching power supply, battery pack has developed from acid-proof and explosion-proof battery to valve-controlled sealed battery, and a large number of special air conditioners for computer rooms, automatic oil engines, UPS power supplies, etc. The centralized monitoring system of communication power supply should generally be divided into four levels: Facility Monitoring Unit, regional monitoring center, bureau monitoring center and central bureau monitoring center. 'Communication power supply facilities for maintenance manual' is one of the series of 'communication power supply facilities for Maintenance Manual. 'Communication power supply facilities for maintenance manual' systematically describes the composition, working principle, performance and use of diesel generator sets for communication. The book is divided into 9 chapters. Now let's briefly explain several chapters: Chapter 1st outlines the diesel generator set; Chapter 2nd explains the basic knowledge of diesel engine and the main components of diesel engine block; Chapter 3rd describes the alternator; Chapter 4th explains the technical conditions, performance and purchase of diesel generator sets; Chapter 5th explains the design, installation and acceptance of diesel generator room; Chapter 6th explains the use, daily repair and maintenance of diesel generator sets; Chapter 7th explains the common faults and troubleshooting methods of diesel generator sets; Chapter 8th explains the performance parameters of several common imported diesel generator sets; Chapter 9th explains the EFI diesel engine.
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