EMERSON power supply new product introduction in 2010--Moso power supply professional agent imported power supply

by:MOSO     2020-03-01
1. EmersonDS series launches new DS460S- 3, input voltage 90Vac ~ 264Vac, output voltage 12 V, power 460 W, height less than 1U, operating temperature- 10 degrees ~ 50 degrees, this product is a supplement to DS series products, mainly used in market fields requiring distributed power supply architecture, such as computer, storage, data communication, network, test system and other fields; 2. Emerson Launches Low Power Medical power NPS20- M series, this series currently has 5 V, 12 V, 15 V, 24 V, 48V five kinds of products, under the convection condition, the power can reach 25 W, however, under the condition of 200LFM fan heat dissipation, it can reach 40 W, and the output voltage regulation range is /-20%, working temperature 0 ~ 80 degrees ,- 20 degrees can be started, there will be a reduction in 50 degrees to 80 degrees, the size is 4*2*1 inch, to meet medical certification; 3. Emerson Launches New uMP4 with input voltage of 85Vac ~ 264Vac, output can have 4 slots, module can choose 3. 3 V/5 V/12 V/24 V/48 V, power up to 600 W, its height is only 1U, working temperature up- 40 ~ 70 degrees, while also meeting medical certification; 4. Emerson Launches New LCM600 series, input voltage range: 85Vac ~ 264Vac, single output 600 W, output voltage 3 V, 5 V, 12 V, 15 V, 24 V, 48 V, and all with 5Vs auxiliary output ( Models are LCM600C/LCM600E/LCM600L/LCM600N/LCM600Q/LCM600W), Size: 2. 4' * 4. 5' * 7. 5', the efficiency * large value can reach 89%, and the working temperature range can reach- 40 degrees ~ 70 degrees, in addition to meet UL/VDE/CSA also meet China's 3C certification standards, is a wide range of power supply! 5. Emerson Launches New LPQ200- M series, this series is four outputs, 200 W, LPQ201-M: 3. 3 V/5 V/12 V /-12 V; LPQ202-M: 5 V/24 V/12 V /-12 V; The output is adjustable, the size is 3' * 5', and the height is less than 1U, meeting the medical certification!
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