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by:MOSO     2020-02-20
Emerson (EMERSON) Network Energy belongs to Emerson Group and is a global * large and * successful embedded power supply company. Emerson Network Energy includes Ada electronics (astec)And Tencent Technology (artesyn)Two power supply brands; There are five major production bases in the world, with * wide and * complete power supply product lines in the industry. Its products are widely used in communication, computer, storage, testing, instrumentation, medical and industrial equipment and other fields; Emerson has always adhered to the goal of maintaining it as a global superior power supply supplier, providing customers with superior products and services to meet or exceed customers' current and future expectations, and is a well-deserved leader in the power industry. Emerson launches new industry, medical power supply LCM600 series Emerson launches new industry, medical power supply LCM600 series, input voltage range: 85Vac ~ 264Vac, single output 600 W, output voltage 3 V, 5 V, 12 V, 15 V, 24 V, 48 V, and all with 5Vs auxiliary output ( Models are LCM600C/LCM600E/LCM600L/LCM600N/LCM600Q/LCM600W), Size: 2. 4' * 4. 5' * 7. 5', the efficiency * large value can reach 89%, and the working temperature range can reach- 40 degrees ~ 70 degrees, in addition to meet UL/VDE/CSA also meet China's 3C certification standards, LCM600 series is a wide range of power supply! LCM600 series power supplies should have two important features: 1. The main output voltage is /-Adjustable within the range of 20%, 2. Meet UL60601-1 This medical safety standard. In addition, this power supply as a brand imported power supply, high quality, moderate price, welcome new and old customers to consult! Emerson Power Launches New LPQ200-M series, LPQ200- M-series Emerson power supplies launch new LPQ200-M series, LPQ200- M series is a four-way output AC/DC switching power supply. 200 W, LPQ201-M: 3. 3 V/5 V/12 V /-12 V; LPQ202-M: 5 V/24 V/12 V /-12 V; The output is adjustable, the size is 3' * 5', and the height is less than 1U, meeting the medical certification! EMERSON power supply launches 60 w ac/DC switching power supply NPS40- M series EMERSON power supply launches 60 w ac/DC switching power supply NPS40- M series features: input voltage: 90V ~ 264 V, output voltage: 5 ~ 48 V, * high power 60 W, size only 4 'x 2' x 1, meeting TUV, UL. CSA, NEMKO, CE, CB, CQC and other certification requirements meet medical certification! EMERSON Launches DC/DC power module ALD15 series EMERSON Launches DC/DC power module ALD15 series, input voltage: 36V ~ 75 V, output voltage: 1. 2V ~ 12 V, * high power 35 W, size only 1. 30 ”x 0. 90 ”x 0. 35 '(1/16 brick) , Isolation voltage 1500Vdc, meet UL, cUL, TUV and other certification requirements. EMERSON Launches New Medical switching power supply LPT100- MEMERSON launches new medical switching power supply LPT100-M The input voltage of this product is 90-264 Vac or 127-300Vdc, with three sets of outputs (Different series and different voltage output) , * High power is 130 W, full load efficiency can reach 82%, except + 24 V, the adjustable range of other voltages is-40% ~ Between + 10% ( The adjustable voltage range of 24v is-10% ~ + 20%) , Its thickness is less than 1U, the product volume is small 2 'x4 '; High power density. Medical switching power supply LPT100- M is mainly used for communication equipment and low-power medical equipment that does not contact with people, etc. , with over-temperature, over-voltage and over-current protection functions, meeting TUV, UL, CSA, NEMKO, AUSTEL, CB, CE, ROHS standard! For more details, please refer to the above model specifications or call moso power technology department at 86-755-27657908 consultation, thank you!
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