Electronic ballast with superior lighting parameters

by:MOSO     2020-03-13
Electronic ballast has more superior than conventional inductive ballast circuit of lighting parameters, can obtain better lighting effect. The output light power is constant, the circuit design can be done in 120 - input supply voltage - - - - - - 265 v in the wide range of change, the output of the lamp power change & lt; 3%, for the power supply voltage fluctuation a big occasion, electronic ballast is more show its superiority. When the lamp is started, the lamp voltage rise gradually, the lamp current gradually decreases, and the lamp power increases with increasing the lamp voltage, when the light reaches the rated power value, the power of its basic lamp power is no longer affected by the lamp voltage change, namely the lamp power remains the same, because the light output power is constant, can get two good effect: a, light power is constant, make the light bulb color consistency is better. B, based on the characteristics of gas discharge lamp work late in his life, the light bulb tube pressure will gradually rise, at this time in traditional inductive ballast circuit, output characteristic is basically constant current output, lamp current changes little, make lamp power increase ( This will accelerate lamp aging) , in turn make the lamp voltage increase, and so on, make the light bulb quick worshiped. Electric light up every inch of space for everyone, we can according to customer requirements and the actual use of the environment, customized products and provide integrated solutions for customers, for the general customers to provide quality and efficient products. We look forward to cooperate with customers and friends from all over the world hand in hand, create brilliance. Service hotline: website: ali website, https://
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