Easy-to-use LED power driver

by:MOSO     2019-12-11
???Ease of use is relatively speaking. When evaluating the ease of use of a circuit, not only must you consider the complexity of the initial design, but you must also consider what you need to do in the future to quickly modify and use the circuit in other programs with different input or output requirements. In short, the hysteresis controller is very easy to use. Hysteretic controllers eliminate the complex frequency compensation functions required in traditional power supply designs. Because the optimal compensation varies with input and output conditions, traditional power supply designs cannot achieve rapid modification for different operating conditions. The hysteresis controller has inherent stability so that it does not need to be changed when the input / output conditions change. ? Small size Small size is an important feature of portable circuits. The size of circuit components is affected by a number of factors. One factor is the switching frequency. The high switching frequency allows the use of small passive components, and modern LED drivers for portable applications should be able to switch at frequencies up to 1MHz. Since the switching frequency cannot significantly reduce the circuit size, and higher switching losses will reduce efficiency and shorten battery life, it is recommended that the switching frequency generally not exceed 1MHz. Integrating various functions into the control IC is one of the most important factors in implementing a small drive solution. If all the above functions are realized by separate components, they will require more board space than the power supply itself takes up. Integrating them into a control IC can greatly reduce the overall driver size. A second equally important advantage of functional integration is the reduction in overall solution cost.
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