Double good ultraviolet lamp electronic ballasts

by:MOSO     2020-03-12
O small make up into today for everyone to introduce foshan electrical ultraviolet lamp electronic ballasts. The electrical received a customer want to sterilization of sewage. After detailed understanding to the customer and electric staff to help customers right now. It is well known that ultraviolet germicidal lamp can be sterilization of sewage, in turn, to water purification purposes. But the lamp only perfectly match with electronic ballast, the uv system can play a role of bacteria in the best. Therefore, the electronic ballast plays a key role. Electrical appliances developed high quality special ultraviolet lamp electronic ballast, can let the lamp maximum efficiency, and help to prolong lamp life. The ultraviolet lamp electronic ballasts preheat start, help to extend the lamp life, therefore the ultraviolet lamp electronic ballast, the longest service life up to 10 years. Ultraviolet lamp electronic ballasts can increase automatically adjust the intensity of ultraviolet (uv) radiation function, strong motivation to make it stronger ultraviolet radiation output. The lamp electronic ballast is a great variety of specifications, which can be customized, also can equipped with sound and light alarm function. If you are interested please call us immediately: to understand!
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