Distributed switching power supply system

by:MOSO     2020-02-23
Power Module distributed switching power supply system; The distributed power supply system uses low-power modules and large-scale control integrated circuits as basic components, and uses * new theories and technological achievements to form a building block type and intelligent high-power power supply, thus, strong electricity and weak electricity are closely combined to reduce high-power components and high-power devices (Centralized)Development pressure, improve production efficiency. In the early 1980s S, the research on distributed high frequency switching power supply system basically focused on the research of converter parallel technology. In the middle and late 1980s S, with the rapid development of high frequency power conversion technology, various Converter Topologies appeared one after another. Combining large-scale integrated circuits and power component technology, the integration of medium and small power devices became possible, therefore, the research on distributed high frequency switching power supply system is rapidly promoted. Since the late 1980s S, this direction has become a research hotspot in the international field of power electronics. The number of papers has increased year by year and the application field has been expanding. Distributed power supply mode has the advantages of energy saving, reliability, high efficiency, economy and convenient maintenance. It has been gradually adopted by large computers, communication equipment, aerospace, industrial control and other systems, and is also a low voltage power supply for ultra-high speed integrated circuits (3. 3 V)* Is the ideal power supply mode. In high-power occasions, such as electroplating, electrolytic power supply, electric locomotive traction power supply, medium frequency induction heating power supply, motor drive power supply and other fields also have broad application prospects. Dear Customer: Hello! Welcome to our website. Your current position is our power module product page. This page is relatively simple to introduce. If you are interested in this product, if you want to know more about the relevant information, please remind you that you can get in touch with us by viewing other pages or leaving messages or calling us to further understand the relevant product information. We look forward to your call. In addition to the above products, the company is also selling COSEL, communication power supply and other products. Our company has * actual combat technology and professional operation team, to create a service based on user experience for you, the perfection of service is our endless pursuit. Because people-oriented, so trustworthy; Because of professional full-time, it is worth choosing. The above information is for reference only. For details, please call the relevant staff to answer your questions.
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