Direct replacement - 0/1 10 v dimmer of DALI dimming control system

by:MOSO     2020-03-08
Direct replacement - 0/1 10 v dimmer of DALI DALI simple dimming control system as the international standard bus protocol of intelligent lighting, widely used in indoor lighting. DALI bus hanging up to 64 devices, contains 16 groups and 16 scene at the same time, and with multiple parameters can be set up functions, is the setting of these parameters using DALI application more flexible, more easily adapted to the needs of different occasions. And some engineering only need similar - 0/1 10 v dimmer control system, we introduce simple DALI dimming control system, the operation is simple and convenient, widely used in lighting engineering, debugging use. Product characteristics is introduced: Ø no computer operation; Ø can implement to all lamps and lanterns of DALI ballast on/off/dimming functions at the same time. Ø wiring, simple and convenient control. Ø each DALI bus only need to connect a DALI bus power controller. Ø each DALI bus can connect multiple dimming control switch ( Optional rotation or touch dimmer switch) 。 Ø can control up to 64 lights. Ø can cooperate DALI host controller are used together, the operation control is more flexible. Ø applies to DALI lighting products simple test, simple engineering application. The main technical indicators: Ø input voltage: AC100 ~ 240 v. Ø: power consumption. < = 10 w Ø DALI power supply output: 250 ma Ø communication interface: DALI Ø working temperature: 0 10-70 ℃ Ø: relative humidity 90% Ø weight: 100 g typical applications: note: a system only have access to a DALI bus power supply controller; A system can be rotated to access multiple DALI coding dimmer switch;
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