Dimming driver compatibility matching problem

by:MOSO     2020-03-09
Silicon controlled dimmer on the market is very at present much, each tone or same light manufacturers different type LED light parameters are different, thyristor adjustable light it is difficult to adapt to all the dimmer, it is also the buyer the first consideration when buying a thyristor adjustable light, so light, light, dimmer will be measured to know whether match or not. But if it is a system ( If bonzi system) Thyristor adjustable light signal, is controlled by microprocessor, chopping wave is clean, smooth, usually match effect is good. On a scale of 0 - 10 v adjustable light, brightness is 0 Dimming signal to control the 10 v, shut off when 0 v, the brightest when 10 v. Due to the 0 - 10 v signals are analog signals, signal if the block is not good, or pick up the light is more, there will be a interference problems, may be caused when a certain brightness lights flashing. Electrical 0 - 10 v adjustable light from design to production, after many tests and improvement, may cause the interference of the lowest, for many years to market a variety of practical applications are also confirmed this. DALI adjustable light because dimming signal is digital, strong anti-jamming capability, unless the software compatibility has a problem, or are not usually present compatibility matching problem. DALI adjustable light of hardware and software are given in the compatibility test for many times, can very good compatibility with various system manufacturer of DALI adjustable light. LED the compatible match of light, to electrical appliances to solve for you! Thyristor adjustable light, 0 10 v light and DALI adjustable light, there is always a let you satisfied. To dial the hotline: website:
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