Development direction of switching power supply

by:MOSO     2020-02-24
Development direction of switching power supply; High-frequency switching power supply is its development direction. High-frequency switching power supply is miniaturized and has been used more widely, especially in high-tech fields, it has promoted the development of switching power supply and is developing towards light, small, thin, low noise, high reliability and anti-interference with a growth rate of more than two digits every year. Switching power supplies can be divided into two categories: AC/DC and DC/DC. DC/DC converters have been modularized, and the design technology and production process have been mature and standardized at home and abroad, and has been recognized by users, but the modularization of AC/DC, due to its own characteristics, has encountered more complicated technical and process manufacturing problems in the process of modularization. In addition, the development and use of switching power supply are of great significance in saving energy, resources and environment. The power electronic components used in switching power supply are mainly diodes, IGBT, MOSFET and Transformers. SCR is used in a small amount of switching power supply Input rectifier circuit and soft start circuit. GTR is difficult to drive and has low switching frequency, which is gradually replaced by IGBT and MOSFET. The development direction of switching power supply is high frequency, high reliability, low consumption, low noise, anti-interference and modularization. Since the key technology of light, small and thin switching power supply is high frequency, all major foreign switching power supply manufacturers are committed to simultaneously developing new high-intelligence components, especially improving the loss of secondary rectifier components, and increase the technology * * on the power ferrite material to improve the high frequency and large magnetic flux density (Bs) High magnetic properties are obtained, and miniaturization of capacitors is also a key technology. The use of SMT technology has made great progress in switching power supply. Element components are arranged on both sides of the circuit board to ensure light, small and thin switching power supply. The high frequency of switching power supply will inevitably carry out * * on the traditional PWM switching technology. The soft switching technology of ZVS and ZCS has become the mainstream technology of switching power supply, the working efficiency of the switching power supply is greatly improved. For High Reliability Index, American switching power supply manufacturers reduce the stress of components by reducing operating current, junction temperature and other measures, thus greatly improving the reliability of products. Modularization is the general trend of the development of switching power supply. Modular power supply can be used to form a distributed power supply system, which can be designed as an N 1 redundant power supply system and realize capacity expansion in parallel mode. Aiming at the disadvantage of large operating noise of switching power supply, if the high-frequency noise is pursued alone, it will certainly increase, and the partial resonant conversion circuit technology can theoretically realize high frequency and reduce noise, however, there are still technical problems in the actual use of some resonant conversion technologies, so a lot of work still needs to be done in this field to make this technology practical. The continuous development of power electronics technology * * makes the switching power supply industry have broad development prospects. In order to speed up the development of China's switching power supply industry, we must take the road of technology * *, walk out of the road of joint development of production, study and research with Chinese characteristics, and contribute to the rapid development of China's national economy. In addition: our company also sells communication power supply, LED drive power supply and other products, welcome to check! The performance and quality of the products and the perfection of the service are our endless pursuit. Please feel free to buy your favorite products. Shenzhen moso power supply Technology Co. , Ltd. looks forward to your call negotiation!
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