DALI sensor can realize what function? DALI body sensor function to upgrade again

by:MOSO     2020-03-08
DALI sensor can realize what function? DALI body sensor function to upgrade again. DALI protocol is widely used in indoor lighting of the lamps and lanterns that move light, the lamps and lanterns control end customers often only need a simple operation on/off switch and the dimming function, improve people's living standard, at any time to meet people the life pursuit of intelligent lighting and green energy-saving, we developed a human body induction switch equipment of CTT - DALI interface DLPIR, detect human movement state light automatic control functions, can control all the lamps and lanterns of DALI protocol standard. This sensor fashion, natural, economic, adapt to the demand of modern intelligent life. Note: this mobile sensing detection sensor only supports the human body, suitable for any DALI system. 主要技术指标电压: DALI总线取电; 功耗:. < =8mA( Static) CDS感光度:0Lx ~ 500 Lx +20%( Can be set) 延时时间:0~150秒( Can be set) 。 移动测量距离: ≤5m ( The environment temperature & lt; 24 ℃) 测量角度:1 40 度圆锥角探测移动速度:0. 6 to 1. 5 m/s工作温度:- 20 - 70 ℃相对温度:10- 90% 产品特点无需外接电源,只需要接入DALI总线即可,低压操作,安全可靠; 符合IEC62386中DALI协议标准; Can control any dimmer conform to the agreement; Automatically assigned, online feature set, can query test status at any time. 采用高灵敏度人体移动传感器,精度高; 可以远程设定触发的亮度和延时值. 支持任意16个DALI灯组和广播方式控制,可以触发同时控制多个灯组; 支持灯光开关和场景模式控制. Can realize to lights, people walk time delay, the lights went out lamp brightness can be set, the delay time can be set, people go or you can set the brightness of the taillight; Can realize value to trigger the scene, people go after delay again to restore the original scene or brightness values. The installation type suction a top, beautiful and convenient. 适用于家庭,办公室,酒店,工程等.
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