DALI intelligent lighting control system in Shanghai free trade zone

by:MOSO     2020-03-08
DALI as intelligent control system of the international standard bus protocol, widely used in indoor lighting. DALI bus hanging up to 64 devices, contains 16 groups and 16 scene at the same time, and with multiple parameters can be set up functions, is the setting of these parameters using DALI application more flexible, more easily adapted to the needs of different occasions. Yuan hao DALI intelligent control system, has the automatic allocation and management, automatic search, discriminant DALI DALI address equipment status, the infinite set, infinite control logic solutions, support system integration, support for PC interface with a third party, the remote control of the mobile terminal services. Shanghai free trade zone project based on its Internet platform system, pick up yuan hao DALI seamless integration of digital lighting, client implementation on the web, mobile access, programming, management, digital lighting lamps and lanterns support color, intensity of illumination and interactions with sensors, so as to save energy and meet the requirements of the customer the highest, promote customer experience, to advance the mission of the green energy-saving buildings. More details you can refer to excerpts from http://www. gov。 cn/zhuanti/2016- 11/22 / content_5135992。 htm
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