DALI dimming system

by:MOSO     2020-03-09
DALI DALI dimming system is 'Digital Addressable LightingInterface Digital Addressable lighting interface' acronym, is a data transmission protocol, DALI defines the lighting Digital communication between controller and system equipment, DALI is not a new bus, but support open system. Design application DALI first goal is to optimize a intelligent lighting control system, this system has simple structure, convenient installation, easy operation, good function, not only can be used in a room lighting control, can also with the building management system ( BMS) Docking. DALI dimming system with BMS, EIB or LON bus system is different, isn't it expanded into which has the function of all kinds of complicated control system, but merely as a lighting control subsystem application, through the gateway interface integration in BMS, acceptable BMS control command, or recycling operation state parameters of the subsystems. DALI technology is the biggest characteristic of lamps and lanterns of a single independent address, through DALI dimming system of single lamp dimming control or chy-tech accurately. DALI system software for the same or different high voltage circuit back to the way of lamps and lanterns of single or multiple independent addressing, so as to realize individual control and any group. Therefore DALI dimming system bring great flexibility for lighting control, the user can according to the requirements, design to adjust the corresponding lighting solutions follow one's inclinationsly, this adjustment can be run at the end of the installation process can still be used, but without a line to do any changes. DALI dimming system is designed to satisfy the need dimming lighting technology and design ideal, simplified digital communication system.
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