DALI dimming know how much?

by:MOSO     2020-03-10
DALI dimming know how much? DALI digital addressable lighting interface ( DigitalAddressahle照明接口) That move light, since used in fluorescent lamp dimming, has had the very big development. At present in Europe and the United States has a lot of the DALI system applied to the case of LED lighting, at home, research on DALI the dimming is very few. DALI dimming system for future large lighting project provides a good solution. So what is the DALI? DALI is the 'Digital Addressable LightingInterface Digital Addressable lighting interface' acronym, is a data transmission protocol, DALI defines the lighting Digital communication between controller and system equipment, DALI is not a new bus, but support open system. Design application DALI first goal is to optimize a intelligent lighting control system, this system has simple structure, convenient installation, easy operation, good function, not only can be used in a room lighting control, can also with the building management system ( BMS) Docking. DALI system with BMS, EIB or LON bus system is different, isn't it expanded into which has the function of all kinds of complicated control system, but merely as a lighting control subsystem application, through the gateway interface integration in BMS, acceptable BMS control command, or recycling operation state parameters of the subsystems. DALI technology is the biggest characteristic of lamps and lanterns of a single independent address, can through the DALI system of single lamp dimming control or chy-tech accurately. DALI system software for the same or different high voltage circuit back to the way of lamps and lanterns of single or multiple independent addressing, so as to realize individual control and any group. Therefore DALI dimming system bring great flexibility for lighting control, the user can according to the requirements, design to adjust the corresponding lighting solutions follow one's inclinationsly, this adjustment can be run at the end of the installation process can still be used, but without a line to do any changes. DALI system is designed to meet the need dimming lighting technology and design ideal, simplified digital communication system. DALI application advantages: 1, the design is simple: DALI digital control system design is simple, as long as through digital signal interface connected, in the design of parallel to the line 2 core. All grouping and scenarios are available at the time of installation and debugging through the computer software programming, not only to save the cost, the wiring for design modification, the layout and space would need to change the software Settings without rewiring, very simple. Installed 2, simple economy: DALI interface has two main power line, two line, no special requirements for wire rod, also non-polarity when installation requirements, requires only isolated from the main power line and control line, the line of control without shielding, note when the line current 250 ma, line length 300 meters when the pressure drop is less than 2 v. Line and the power cord can be parallel, need other embedded wire. Compact design of the control component without special control cabinet, so the installation is simple and the economy. 3, control, precise and reliable: DALI to digital signal, different from that of analog signal, signal can be achieved without disturbance control of 1010, will not make the control signal distortion by long distance pressure drop, so even if DALI digital signal line with a strong wire walk a line pipe will not be interference. DALI is two-way signal transfer, not only can forward transmission control command, will also state of ballast and bulb, fault information, switch, the actual brightness values of information feedback system. 4, communication has simple structure and reliable: DALI interface communication protocol is composed of 19 bit digits, a start bit is 1, 2 to the ninth is address, 10 to 17 is data, 18, 19, stop bit. Adopt unique Manchester coding to avoid error, transmission rate is 1200 baud can keep the communication between equipment from interference, high level on line to 1 6 v. Every controller on the line of control in the communication as a function of the MASTER, and such as ballast control on line only respond to the MASTER command ACTS as a SLAVE, system with functions of distributed intelligence. 5 and wide range of application: now, is not only limited to DALI interface ballasts for fluorescent lamp dimming, all kinds of halogen tungsten lamp electronic transformer, gas discharge lamp electronic ballasts, LED also USES the DALI interface that move light; Control equipment include: radio receivers, relay switch input interface. A variety of buttons control panel, including LED display panels have a DALI interface, this will make the application of DALI is more and more widely, extended to the controller from the smallest an office rooms of office building, expanding from a single store to star hotels.
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