COSEL power supply 2010 new product recommendation--Moso power supply professional agent imported power supply

by:MOSO     2020-03-02
1. COSEL Launches DC- DC module MG series power has 15W and 30W respectively, wide range input, output single, dual optional, size 1*1*0. 38 and 1. 2*0. 38, the efficiency is above 86%, and the scope of work is- 40TO85 degrees, shelf life up to 10 years; 2. COSEL launches new AC- DC power supply LFA series, the power is 150 W, 240 W, 300W respectively, the efficiency is 80% or more, the size is smaller than the same type of products. Meet EMI meet EN55011-B, EN55022-B, isolation voltage up to 3000Vac; 3. COSEL's DHS series introduces new products, 50 W, 100W and 200W respectively, with input range DC60- 160 V, output 5 V/12 V/15 V/24 V respectively, size 1/4 brick and 1/2 brick, and passed relevant railway certification, this is a very good choice for customers who have demand for medium and small power Railway power supply; 4. Cosel launches new product, PFC front-end module DPG series. This series is a full-range input with an output of 360V and a power of 500W and 750W respectively. It can be said to be an upgraded version of DPA series with an operating temperature range- 40 to 85 degrees without derating, the size is 1/2 bricks, but this series cannot be used in parallel.
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