Consumers prefer intelligent lighting is good?

by:MOSO     2020-03-11
Consumers prefer intelligent lighting is good? A few years ago LED lights with energy-saving environmental protection a little quickly occupy the market, now have been transforming to intelligent LED lighting industry. Intelligent lighting exactly good? Only a few more colors? A, what's the difference between the traditional intelligent lighting and lighting? Electric wiring: the cost much higher of traditional lighting, power cable, especially the double switch wiring complex and arduous, accidentally will produce electromagnetic radiation interference; Integrated wiring system intelligent lighting, access to family, home appliances, networking, multimedia, security devices such as centralized control. Switch mode: traditional lighting belongs to a local type on a off, not custom; Intelligent lighting in the user experience more human, in addition to the open a commissioner of can also edit scene mode at any time, independently implement rolled shut, open fully seated. Contact: lamps and lanterns in our traditional lighting system, decorate after the completion of the corresponding relation between the lamps and lanterns is not optional change; Intelligent lighting is only some simple operations can realize control relationship changes. Soft can qi gong: turn on the light brightness change, when the eyes will feel discomfort and also has effect on the life of lamps and lanterns, intelligent lighting can solve this problem. Second, the intelligent lighting intelligent in where? 1. User behavior, the manual operation of intelligent adjusting light than traditional lighting, intelligent lighting can delight consumers largely because it 'more understand demand'. When it perceives users are reading, will light brightness adjustment to the most suitable degree, protect user vision, without human intervention. Outdoor natural light is strong, the lamps and lanterns automatically reduce indoor light the luminous intensity of light source, so as to realize the constant brightness of the lighting environment lighting, achieve energy saving effect. 2. Extend the service life of lamps and lanterns, 'save money' for you in the minds of many intelligent lighting price is very expensive, 'is not the average family could afford', actually otherwise. With the development of smart home, intelligent lamps and lanterns is not the 'rich man's toy', in addition to cost-effective, intelligent lighting can also 'save money' for you. Traditional lamps and lanterns is damaged very big reason is that the voltage is too high, intelligent lighting control can control voltage through the system, to avoid its impact longevity of lamps and lanterns. 3. Special event special processing if the thief to the home, can emit light and alarm deter thieves. If the elderly family accident collapses, sensors can be automatic alarm. Three, intelligent lighting just remote control? The current intelligent lighting: there are four main control technology of remote control lighting: the radio signal control lighting equipment, can use a mobile phone client remote control switch, also has when buy were equipped with switch socket and launchers. Infrared induction: by capturing a particular wavelength infrared to control the scratch of lamps and lanterns, delay lighting to achieve 'people to the light, go light' effect combination lighting: now made a combination of a variety of light source lighting has developed very mature, both in the scene and color brightness can free combination. Changes in capacitance touch light through the fingers to control the lamps and lanterns, insulation waterproof feature space is very suitable for bathroom, kitchen.
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