Congratulations on double good partners won the award of 2016 intelligent household brand!

by:MOSO     2020-03-08
In 2016 the ten top the vote smart home fresh. The appliances to congratulate our partner guangzhou hedong intelligent technology co. , LTD. Of hedong HDL won the 2016 top ten third intelligent household brand! 20160 big intelligent household lighting a fourth! Continue to research and development of intelligent lighting control system, intelligent household age we will, as always, provide quality intelligent LED adjustable light! Electric equipment, focus on the LED dimmer, 10 years of professional lighting customized services. The star of the main products are LED light. One of series thyristor adjustable light, according to the light source parameters accurately match the dimming power supply, transferred to the end, no stroboscopic, can be applied to cutting edge dimmers or along the dimmers after; Series 2 0 10 v adjustable light, analog signals that move light, dimmer can reach 0 - according to the customer request 100% luminous flux, 0 to apply 10 v dimmer; Series # 3 DALI adjustable light, can meet with any equipment in line with the DALI protocol in a bus control, adopts digital control, intelligent dimmer, no stroboscopic, precise output open circuit, short circuit and overload protection. The LED light, choose the foshan LED light manufacturer, three series of adjustable light there is always a let you satisfied! Welcome to call the service hotline or browse the website for more products, can also be ali web site for more information. Choose LED dimming, intelligent household age new journey!
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