City lights control the colors

by:MOSO     2020-03-05
City lights control colors lighting design for the meaning of the city is very important, it can reflect the city at night cultural value and image, utilization of regional culture to shape and improve the image of the city and urban night scene in the process of urban economic development and cultural prosperity, having the effect that cannot replace, urban lighting lighting design improve the visibility and city beautiful night view of the city and in the night the beautiful night scenery impress visitors, to speed up the pace of urban economic development. Every city has its own development of culture and history, thus formed the unique city cultural image, an urban night planning is the necessary condition to improve the image of the city at night, the city night landscape lighting is not only is the part of the building lighting makes the city night effect is very poor, and the image of a unified planning to urban comprehensive show, make people linger, improve urban culture and the development of the city. Urban lighting planning is an important means of ascension city today night culture, as the city night view lighting lighting in the high speed development of cities, the city night view lighting lighting at night apply colours to a drawing atmosphere, beautify the city, and provide people with a man edify sentiment night environment, enrich people's cultural life at night. The city lights have brought light, let the city at night and during the day as noisy, make the city always kept running in the fast rhythm, let people all the time can go to pursue their dreams, to enjoy our own happiness. The lights of the city, don't know when it was built, several lit up, just know it decorated the city, a beautiful city, lit up the streets, and convenience of the passers-by, let every dared to can feel the beauty, enjoy that kind of beauty, light heart lights, light the way forward.
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