China's intelligent control system is on the 'country green lighting' plan

by:MOSO     2020-03-05
In street lamp intelligent control system of LED industry as the breakthrough point quickly into people's life. In the recently held 'the 6th international conference on intelligent, green buildings and building energy efficiency and new technologies and products expo', qiu baoxing, a deputy minister of China ministry of housing and urban and rural construction, 'first financial daily' reporter interview, according to China Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development is mulling a 'village' green lighting project, proposed in solar and LED lights on 200000 Chinese villages. If there is no accident, the program will be introduced in the second half of 2010. Intelligent control system 'China has 750000 villages, 200000 villages is lack of electricity village, concentrated in the northwest of China. 'According to qiu, this night lighting problem urgently to be solved in power shortage 200000 villages can completely rely on the intelligent control system of LED technology to solve. 'A lot of rural have small pumping stations, we need to address is on the one hand to help install solar village, cooperation with international companies on the other hand, can realize zero emissions country lighting. Qiu baoxing told reporters, '' light during the day and the wind and hydropower in the evening, rural lighting solution. 'Intelligent control system is an ordinary lamp life 1000 hours, 40 tile is a 11 w energy-saving lamp life 10000 hours, and relatively poor LED lamp life can reach 50000 hours. 'Both from the perspective of energy saving and from the point of view of life, the appearance of the LED is inevitable. However difficult the biggest problem with large extension or fees. 'A energy-saving bulb is 5 times the price of ordinary light bulb, and the price of LED bulbs is about 5 times of energy-efficient light bulbs. 'Professionals explained. Philips lighting Lin Liangqi, chief executive of greater China in when it comes to the profit and mode of LED lighting, said: 'profit not profit is hard to say, because there are factors of government subsidies in the middle. Now everyone is still in groping stage. In this industry there are several kinds of modes: the simplest model is the enterprise to provide products to contract energy management company. Contract energy management company buy a product, and then by saving energy recycling installment. Is there a way of financial contract energy management. Products such as 1 million yuan, give you 200000 a year, 5 years to pay off. 'In the face of this problem, the intelligent control system put forward or allowing Banks to participate in, to launch a financial product solution.
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