Charging the mobile phone is more and more slow? Three reasons lead to cell phone charging slow!

by:MOSO     2020-03-15
Mobile phone is more and more people use intelligent electronic products, and as the function of the mobile phone is more and more rich, electricity nature became a big problem. Sometimes charge their phone for a long time, but only a little bit of power, so what is the impact of aerator charging slow or the cause of the cell phone battery itself? Actually affect the mobile phone charging slow many reasons such as voltage instability, lithium battery will automatically open a protective barrier, prevent frequent charging. Or the charger, charging line no plug and so on. In fact the main reason has the following three! First, the problem of plug for charging the mobile phone should choose to plug, for apple, the apple before the original charger is 5 v1a output, as PD series, QC3. 0 quick charge products flood the market, many consumers are beginning to choose the latter, because the latter charge speed is really fast, but then the problem is bad to can have a lot of charger, and the charger is in itself has the use fixed number of year, with the longer, as the aging problems, such as electronic components, slow charging is very normal things. Second, charging line problem from the point of the surface of wire rod, simply can't tell what is the original line, but the price is vary a lot, for apple wire, the wire is through MFi certification, however many wires on the market have no this certification, so sometimes when charging, does not match the information such as mobile phones will be prompted to hardware, which is one of the main cause of the slow charge. Third, charging temperature temperature on the charging speed there is a certain influence. In low temperature environment, the low temperature of lithium-ion batteries will start protection mechanism, lead to not charging or charging slow; And a warm environment, lithium battery can work well. It is certainly not the hotter, the better, hot environment will cause the battery scrap. The above information sources from the network, more charger information, pay attention to the charger manufacturers, shenzhen moso technology co. , LTD. !
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