CE power adapter

by:MOSO     2020-03-18
The power adapter is a lot of more phyletic, the different power, different size, different pins, etc. , today we are going to read about the CE certificate of power adapter. Why the power adapter do CE certification? CE certification, mainly for the European market, the domestic production of power adapter for export to the European market, the product must have CE certification, it is also the compulsory certification of Europe. First of all, the CE certificate is mainly composed of two certification LVD and EMC, LVD is refers to the safety, EMC, is refers to the electromagnetic compatibility. And RoHS test report, of course, at the same time also need to do the ERP efficiency authentication, at present the United States has mandatory use of 6 levels of energy efficiency standards, some products in Europe also began to implement energy efficiency certification level 6. Secondly, to understand the power adapter plate, all the CE certificate of power adapter, the CE mark on the nameplate height must be greater than 5 mm, this is a mandatory requirement, another new CE standard, nameplate must note the name and address of the manufacturer. Finally, the power adapter manufacturer when doing product certification, be sure to get the certification body, what is not just any organization can do CE certification, do CE certification qualification must get to know each other first, otherwise the consequences will be very serious, the European market for fake CE product was very severe punishment. For more information about the power adapter, please pay attention to the power adapter manufacturer: http://www. szsoy。 cn/
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