Causes of LED damage

by:MOSO     2020-02-21
The main causes of LED damage are: ① the power supply voltage suddenly rises and the surge increases. ② The local short circuit of LED power supply path is formed by the short circuit of a certain component or printed line or other wires in the line, which increases the voltage in this place; Solder joint virtual welding or loose. (3) an LED is damaged due to its own quality, thus forming a short circuit, and its original voltage drop is passed on to other LEDs; The internal resistance of the LED changes, and the voltage on the LED is uneven. ④ The temperature in the lamp is too high, so that the characteristics of LED become bad; The internal local temperature rise of lamps is too fast; The temperature is too high during welding or tin immersion. ⑤ Water enters the interior of the lamp, and the water is conductive; The accumulation of hot air flow in closed lamps forms water vapor or fog. ⑥ The anti-static work is not done well during the manufacturing process, so that the interior of the LED has been damaged by static electricity. Although the normal voltage and current values are applied, it is also easy to cause LED damage. ⑦ Fast on and off and charge discharge between poles in light source test. ⑧ The erosion of plate washing water and the ultrasonic wave during plate washing. (9) live operation; All fixtures and fixtures do anti-static work; Keep the temperature and humidity of the environment. Although we have done enough in the first four steps, the problem of power failure is still impossible to completely avoid, which is the reason why we propose the feasibility of maintenance. The lighting design engineer should consider the maintenance of the power supply. Only when the replacement of the power supply and the replacement of the conventional lighting source are so simple, can the maintenance task be transferred to the street lamp unit. For this. We should work hard on the maintenance of lamps and lanterns. Designers should treat themselves as maintenance workers. The simpler the requirements, the better. In the actual use process, the failure rate of the rotary wiring plug is relatively high, most of which is caused by water leakage. We have already realized the reasonable design method of modularization, and we should find a way to integrate the module power supply, because the overall power of modularization is relatively small, if the power supply can solve the problem of maintenance by plugging and unplugging, let the street lamp unit library LED exhibition store the power supply, which benefits both enterprises and owners.
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