Car charger inferior car charger in the market, choose security products also have to find a reliable manufacturer!

by:MOSO     2020-03-17
Update change life science and technology, mobile phone and renewal and the development of the network use, smartphone or tablet became the standard of people at present stage, drops the driver phone navigation open all day, keep the cell phone minutes without electricity, so usually equipped with a vehicle charging, have to say that a lot of creative does give a lot of automobile products owner's life bring great convenience, but the inferior product safety hazard is very serious. After CCTV reported similar news, testers from different price on the market to buy all kinds of car charger, test results show that: the price under $20 car charger with a total of 7 batches, all unqualified; Price between $20 to $40 samples of a total of 9 batches, among them 7 batches do not conform to the requirements of the industry standard, not qualified rate of about 77%; Prices higher than 40 yuan 4 batches, one batch is unqualified, percent of pass is 25%. Especially now, more than the USB output of products is also a large number of production, a lot of 'dirty' manufacturer qi product power, but by the measured found that many products jointly a mobile phone is difficult, if this charger with low carrying capacity of car, the charge for multiple devices at the same time, by charging of mobile devices such as possible explosion hazard. From a product protection, a lot of bad products is not up to standard, industry standard car charger must be equipped with effective protection device, ensure that the car charger line fault occurs, cause a short-circuit or abnormal voltage input, quick to cut off the power supply circuit. But some car charger and no fuse design. Security performance guaranteed car charger will typically include: chip, contactor, shell, a number of capacitance inductance, etc. 11 parts, many products can not meet the industry standards will be cut corners, shoddy. So you can imagine the lower price on the market of car charger how bad it is. Here, the adapter manufacturers remind: choosing a car charger, must see clear standards of the information on the products, general good products manufacturers will have their own LOGO, trademark and other information, not necessarily compact car charger is a good product, don't blindly pursuing big current and charging speed as far as possible, because too much current when meeting line fault tend to produce bigger danger; Oneself also to be familiar with the use of the car charger specification.
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