Car charger for mobile phone in the car what mistake? Car charger how to use?

by:MOSO     2020-03-17
Bow more and more people to join the queue, the family for heavy charged with mobile phone is no electricity & other The end of the world & throughout; 。 The USB interface in the car was a savior, but charging in the car is not so easy as you imagine, today to say what charge their phone in the car. USB interface can charge? There are a lot of car USB interface is to transmit audio data, car USB current both 5 v / 2. 1 a, there are 5 v / 0. 5A。 While many phones require input current is 5 v / 1 a, 5 v / 2. 1 a car USB, of course, is no problem, this time it can give mobile phone input 1 a current, can give a tablet input current of 2 a. If it is 5 v / 0. 5 a, obviously can appear current is not up to standard, in this case to recharge not only time-consuming long phone, will also offer hot. Stall will pull car charger? Car charger is the car charger, one can make the 12 v cigarette lighter USB 5 v, for charging the mobile phone, tablet; Still have a kind of can put the cigarette lighter 12 v dc into 220 v ac, with lug plate connection can be used in small power electrical appliances. But as soon as it is not necessary to shut down completely pull car charger, because as long as no connect mobile phone, tablet, etc for the electronic equipment it is not the output current, even if there are negligible. How current is big car charger USB interface? Estimated that only & other; Stupid white sweet & throughout; Bad and studious physical person would believe, after all, when I was in middle school are studied I ( Current) =U( Voltage) / R ( Resistance) , so the size of the current related to voltage, how many USB interface as to pick up what have no influence on it. You just can buy a car charger? Now the good and evil people mixed up auto parts market, will inevitably have some does not pay attention to the quality only profitable businesses exist, such as the low current car as high current. Car charger from the cigarette lighter power convert car 12 v voltage to 5 v, in the process of going through voltage regulator, rectifier, overload protection, and so on several steps, if the use is inferior and the original material, it is easy to short-circuit or even the situation of spontaneous combustion. If a car charger broke it doesn't matter, because the car charger ruin the phone even ruin the car that's really too not cost-effective. What car charger not high-tech, but there are still true and false. So the charger manufacturers to remind, the choose and buy the charger products don't covet petty gain. Although car charger is a little thing, you still should pay attention to the choose and buy when the choose and buy equipment of form a complete set of the size of the voltage and current, such as general portable, handheld terminal products standard input voltage is 5 v / 700 ma, the iphone is 5 v / 1 a. Different car output voltage is different also, such as car output voltage is 12 v, a truck is 24 v. So the general type of car charger suitable for 12 v car, and automotive inverter type is suitable for the truck. Organization of data from the network.
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