Capacity Expansion, IC highly integrated, PI makes it easy for you to get rid of the 'delivery dilemma'

by:MOSO     2019-12-21

due to the increasing demand for products in the automobile market and the decline in production capacity brought about by the merger of industries, discrete power supply devices and other electronic components are facing a global shortage, and the semiconductor industry is not immune, it is called the delivery dilemma. A number of well-known chip manufacturers have submitted new orders for 70 weeks, while industry experts predict that the shortage will continue until 2020.

seeking survival in the delivery dilemma seems to be an extremely difficult task, but ordering Power Integrations™ Customers of high-voltage power IC can enjoy 4 to 8 weeks of delivery time, which is entirely due to PI's recent large investment in wafer foundry and packaging plants and in ensuring the supply of silicon chips. Raja Petrakian, vice president of operations at PI, said:

we have greatly expanded our capacity in the past few quarters. Customers can benefit from shortened delivery and stable supply.

In addition, PI's highly integrated products do not need to use many peripheral components that are difficult to purchase, including MOSFET, MLCC and diode, further alleviating customers' supply chain management problems.

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