Cable technology VS wireless technology, wireless cable length

by:MOSO     2020-03-10
Material conditions improved, these days, people began to pursue high quality life, intelligent household consumption of spring is coming, many consumers to pay the money to buy the advanced high-tech product, enjoy the dream life once only in the films. However, more and more people have found that when the choose and buy must want to zheng big eyes, need a lot of integrated wiring of the intelligent household though blown up, but will find trouble after installation. Integrated wiring from the news often see manufacturers brag that integrated wiring of smart home technology is advanced, the reliability of data transmission, the transmission rate is high, anti-jamming is strong, is not affected by the environment. And for manufacturers, cable low-cost technology, the chip price is not high, technology is not advanced, the natural development of low cost, short production cycle, market fast effect, is the main reason for the manufacturer to push. However, when a consumer is found after installation cable smart home is as good as it in legend. Originally, integrated wiring is not say so simple, need professional installation personnel to wear wall wiring, buried pipeline wall, if it is three rooms one hall room, quantity is very big, time limit for a project at least half a month, lead to high cost, spent a total of around 70000 yuan. It's not too, cable intelligent household failure, maintenance and trouble also is to let people a headache. Household integrated wiring products involving twisted-pair cable, jumper, coaxial cable, audio video line, etc. , need to pay attention to the quality of the products, when choosing wiring products not careful covet is cheap, buy inferior product, easy to be destroyed, and cable buried in the wall for a long time, can't change, manufacturer home maintenance is not easy to diagnose fault, users complained bitterly. In addition, cannot upgrade also is wired intelligence lives in 'forever'. The user's demand is always growing, the market often the emergence of a new intelligent item, a lot of people will read the heart itch, want to buy a home experience, but need to pull open the walls again when installation, rewiring, trouble already, quantity is big, can only see forget about it. Wireless communications, obviously, cable intelligent household was acclaimed manufacturer propaganda, but far less than practical. Residents now life rhythm speeding up, the hope of high-tech products have simple installation, automatic networking, debugging, etc. , quickly especially system updates quickly, plug and play, conform to the quickly changing way of life. Using wireless smart home, can be achieved between the control and control, using a wireless connection, after conversion, can be achieved from the simplest a controller to control a light switch, to control all the lights in the home, curtains, air conditioning, etc. , more convenient installation. Currently on the market of the integrated wiring manufacturer 1 vigorously claimed the cable the advantages of smart home, undermines the stability of the wireless intelligent household is poorer, is driven by commercial interests, and use counsel seize market. Wireless is congenital drawback at the same time, the wireless is very susceptible to interference, especially surrounding or neighbors also use the same wireless technology, the mutual interference between signals is not regulated, wall ability is poor; Wireless security are not as good as the cable, if the wireless encryption is not tight, it is easy to be hacked, so the relative safety of ZigBee wireless technology almost think that is the only choice of smart home. Future market prospect as a matter of fact, the debate about cable and wireless in intelligent household industry has been basically had the conclusion, cable technology cannot overcome birth defects, decided the only at a fresh install project for installation, and the demand for the second installation or modification of the family, also can choose wireless way. Many times wired and wireless is coexistence, can choose according to the actual needs of engineering wired and wireless distributed integrated approach to implement. Analysts believe that with the acceleration of urbanization in China, a large number of real estate consumer demand, and the people, has been a steady rise in income, consumption habits develop gradually, the promotion and popularization of smart home could usher in a new peak. Experts said that smart home is 20 - year after year Increasing at a rate of 30%, is expected to market capacity up to 124 billion yuan in 2015. In fact as a large number of family decorate secondary energy release, the future market prospect is more large.
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