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by:MOSO     2020-03-17
With the improvement of living standards, more and more people begin to enjoy life, private cars is almost every household will have, so problems associated with more and more, to drive out of town, for example, mobile phone is power off halfway? So the car charger and car inverter into people's lives, and the owner has almost inseparable from the product, then what is the car charger vehicle-mounted inverter is what? We usually use to what kind of? Now let's learn about, what exactly is a car charger, what is a vehicle inverter. Car charger first is converted to the car power supply 5 v output voltage, to give input for DC5V digital products such as mobile phone, tablets, what is the car charger it etc. Car inverter is to power the car into a 220 v output voltage, to give the notebook, car refrigerator, etc equipment charging. In need, is a vehicle charging is used more generally, because the car is used commonly is mobile phone and tablet, car charger, are generally 5 v1a ~ 3. 4 a left and right sides, this is normal we can use to recharge my mobile phone tablet, but the consumer must choose normal when buy car charger manufacturers to buy, the stronghold of the charger is often accompanied by a lot of potential safety hazard, so must be careful when buying.
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