BridgeSwitch won Embedded World 2019 Best Product Award

by:MOSO     2020-01-16

BridgeSwitch™ Launched by Power Integrations Series motor drive IC won Best in Show Best Product Award at Embedded World 2019 exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany!

【 Screenshot of Embedded World 2019 Best Product Award page]

BridgeSwitch internally integrates two performance, enhanced fredset ( Field Effect Transistor with fast recovery epitaxial diode) It is respectively used for upper and lower tubes of half-bridge circuits and has lossless current detection function. In addition, BridgeSwitch also uses a distributed cooling architecture, so that the heat sink can be omitted, in Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor Drive applications can not only save energy, but also save space.

A new reference design launched by PI (DER-749) Showing how BridgeSwitch achieves optimal thermal performance and simplifies design, this 40 W three-phase inverter uses a sinusoidal control scheme based on Hall sensors and is suitable for high voltage brushless DC motors in fan applications. The compact and lightweight circuit board can be easily placed in the fan motor. This reference design provides a complete solution with high efficiency and low noise for fan applications including ac indoor/outdoor fans, floor fans and ceiling fans.

DER- 749

use BridgeSwitch motor driver and LinkSwitch- Sine control algorithm of TN2 40 W three-phase inverter (310 VDC input; 0. 2 A motor RMS current; 1500 RPM, suitable for 8-pole brushless DC motor).

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