BridgeSwitch motor driver IC saves heat sink

by:MOSO     2020-01-16

with the new BridgeSwitch series Integrated half Bridge (IHB) Motor driver IC, Power Integrations are subverting motor driver technology. This innovative brushless DC (BLDC) The motor drive solution not only saves energy and space, but also reduces the system BOM.

BridgeSwitch IC is developed for refrigerator compressors, HVAC system fans and other domestic and light commercial pump, fan and fan applications, it integrates two performance-enhanced fredbet ( Field Effect Transistor with fast recovery epitaxial diode) Respectively for semi-bridge circuit of the tube and tube can make 300W within of Brushless DC (BLDC) Inverter conversion efficiency in motor driver applications is as high as 98. 5%. In addition, BridgeSwitch also uses a distributed cooling architecture, thus eliminating heat sinks.

Other main features

built-in device protection and system monitoring

reliable single-wire interface for working state update

integrated lossless current monitoring

compatible with all common control algorithms-Magnetic field oriented control (FOC) , Sinusoidal control and trapezoidal control algorithm providing sensor and sensorless detection.

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