BLE wall switch solution without zero line connection-Easily realize home intelligence

by:MOSO     2019-12-24

Power Integrations released a new design example report (DER-832)-This single FireWire Bluetooth low power (BLE) Smart wall switches do not require zero line connection and can supply power to 3 W to 600 w led/fluorescent/incandescent bulbs.

The design is based on PI's high efficiency LinkSwitch- TN2 offline switching power supply IC has ultra-low current consumption and can make the system leakage current at 230 VAC less than 100 & micro; A.

The conventional smart wall switch requires a third line (Zero line) To prevent ghosts or flashes caused by leakage in standby mode, but most residential wall switches have only two lines. LinkSwitch- TN2 can be used in conjunction with a unique current shaping circuit to provide an ideal solution for zero-line wiring of multifunctional intelligent wall switches.

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