Black technology blessing driver chip makes smart lighting easy

by:MOSO     2019-12-18

smart lighting is a very fashionable word, but only design engineers know the challenges behind it. For the power supply system of intelligent lighting, it is necessary to have ultra-low standby power consumption, to be able to adapt to a variety of loads, to output without distortion, the auxiliary power supply needs to work all the time, and to support dimming.

This is a seemingly impossible task, but PI's new LYTSwitch-6 The chip is easy to handle. This IC can provide 65W flicker-free output with an efficiency of up to 94%, while providing configuration options that support two-stage or single-stage PFC. It is designed for household and commercial lighting and thin ceiling Groove lamp applications. Its fast dynamic response performance can provide excellent cross adjustment rate for parallel LED lamp string applications, thus eliminating the need for additional secondary voltage stabilizing circuits. In addition, it is also easy to connect pulse width modulation (PWM)Dimming interface.

LYTSwitch-6 Support constant voltage at the same time (CV)And constant current (CC) Control, advanced thermal foldback protection characteristics can prevent IC from being too high in temperature, and can still provide lighting under the condition of ensuring temperature rise in any high temperature environment and working conditions.

In summary, LYTSwitch- 6 has six characteristics:

± 3% constant voltage and constant current accuracy

no-load power consumption less than 15 mW is low (Without PF correction circuit)--Meet North American DOE- 6 and Energy Star requirements

support analog and PWM dimming


Fast Response Control mode reduces output ripple

excellent load regulation rate and excellent transient response characteristics

The following figure is for LYTSwitch- An all-round anatomy can be carried out to see where these excellent characteristics come from.

among them, FluxLink technology is the most important. This is a magnetic coupling technology that spans between the isolation belts, eliminating the shortcomings of the optocoupler and allowing LYTSwitch- 6 can take into account the advantages of both primary side control and secondary side control. Its unique control mode can greatly reduce ripple, synchronous rectification makes the efficiency of the converter reach 94%, and various perfect protection mechanisms provide multi-layer insurance to the system.

LYTSwitch- 6 has a variety of innovative characteristics, such as the use of semi-active PFC correction, to achieve high efficiency and low ripple characteristics, so that the secondary voltage regulator circuit does not show any output changes; The advanced frequency conversion switch control mode is adopted, which makes the control loop respond very fast and reduces the output ripple; Integrated 650V or 725 v mosfet, supports 308VAC industrial power voltage and provides additional safety margin for areas with unstable power grid. At the same time, for the most popular DALI dimming, LYTSwitch- 6 is also supported and can directly read DALI output.

along with LYTSwitch-6 There are also two reference designs: ER-657 and DER-660. DER- 657 high PF and low output ripple, supports single LED and multi-string LED lighting. 80 V, 580mA output, 45W open application power supply, 85- In the input range of 264 VAC, the efficiency of 230VAC reaches 90%. Due to its high efficiency, the heat sink is omitted and only PCB board is used for heat dissipation. Accurate no-load voltage is suitable for stable power supply of wireless control module in intelligent lighting. DER- 660 supports Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI)Dimming, 180- The high voltage input range of 264 VAC is greater than 0 at 230VAC input. PF of 9 and total harmonic distortion less than 20%, 36V 800mA, 29W output power, full load efficiency up to 86%, DER-The ripple ratio of 660 can be 0. 6%, compared with 800mA, the ripple of output current is only 47mA. Make a flicker of less than 3%.

According to Yan Jinguang, senior technical training engineer of PI, LYTSwitch- 6 Products are available in a variety of models to meet different application scenarios. LYTSwitch- 6 LED driver IC is now available, based on the order quantity of 10,000 pieces, the unit price per piece is 0. $84.

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