Beijing reveal eight minutes behind the lighting control system

by:MOSO     2020-03-07
On the evening of February 25, 2018, pyeongchang winter Olympic Games closing ceremony in pyeongchang Olympic stadium a successful ending. When the international Olympic committee President Bach in the closing ceremony of the Olympic flag to the mayor of Beijing, the Beijing games organizers, executive chairman of ji-ning Chen, means that millions of Chinese people invite friends meet in Beijing 2022 world! Directed by famous Chinese director zhang yimou's 'meet in Beijing 2022' cultural and artistic performance with modern methods and thinking, gave a contains the rich Chinese culture, show the new era of Chinese image art high-quality goods. Performance with the aid of technology to realize image changes, through the roller skating young leaves a glide path in the stage, transparent screen ( Ice screen) Collocation can 'jump out' of mobile robot, gorgeous dance has provided people with a fusion of science and technology and culture, audio-visual feast. Lighting control system in it just eight minutes performance, completely controlled by the intelligent Lighting control system shows an effect, as we have learned is the MA Lighting grandMA2 Command Wing with grandMA2 Onpc. MA Lighting with the latest technology, comprehensive functions, intuitive control mode of fast, flexible and comfortable way of programming, suitable for all the Lighting equipment, is a leader in today's Lighting control system. Highlight visual synthesizer performance is artificial intelligence and the performers at the fusion performance, 24 with transparent luminescent screen wireless intelligent robot control and produce different change, therefore outside the stadium, a total of 17 launch columns. Field were used to 60 Arkaos, Lord for 30 each, each robot is controlled by two Arkaos, in Arkaos mode choice, chose theater mode, in theater mode, simple scenario has been preprogrammed scene can be triggered by DMX, MIDI, or computer keyboard, more options can be controlled more parameters or visual effect. At the closing ceremony the grandeur of the eight minutes to perform around the world by surprise, high performance with gorgeous colour, new modern science and technology, with bright and colorful Chinese culture to the world's most sincere invitation, looking forward to 2022, looking forward to the Beijing Olympics.
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