Basic information and difference between CE certification and GS certification of power adapter Shenzhen moso technology

by:MOSO     2020-02-14
We often see CE, GS, UL, CCC and other signs printed on the nameplate of the power adapter, then we will next moso technology power adapter manufacturers to take you to understand the meaning and role of this logo. Today we are introducing CE certification and GS certification on EU standards. First of all, let's take a look at GS. GS means German' Geprufte Sicherheit'(Security certified), There are also' Germany Safety'(German security)The meaning. GS certification is based on German product safety law (GPGS) As a basis, as shown in the figure, the symbol of sgs gs in the figure means that this power adapter is in line with GS certification, then SGS means the certification authority, of course, this is only a form of GS certification, as well as GS certification such as TUV organization, a voluntary certification for testing according to EU unified standard EN or German industrial standard DIN, it is recognized as a German safety certification mark in the European market. What products can apply for GS certification? Household appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines, kitchen utensils, household machinery, sporting goods, electrical and electronic office equipment, such as copiers, fax machines, shredders, computers, printers, industrial machinery, experimental measuring equipment, and other safety-related products such as bicycles, helmets, ladders, furniture, etc. In addition, what is CE certification? CE certification is limited to the basic safety requirements that products do not endanger the safety of human beings, animals and goods, rather than the general quality requirements. The coordination directive only stipulates the main requirements, general Directive requirements are standard tasks. Therefore, the exact meaning is: CE mark is a safety qualification mark rather than a quality qualification mark. It forms the core of the European directive'Main requirements'. In the EU market, the CE mark is a mandatory certification mark. As shown in the above figure, the nameplate should not only be marked with GS certification, but also with CE certification, because whether it is a product produced by an enterprise within the EU or by other countries, if the product wants to circulate in the European market, the CE mark must be added, this can indicate that this product meets the basic requirements of EU directives. To sum up, CE certification and GS certification are both out of the European market, so what is the difference between them? First of all, CE certification is a mandatory certification, as long as the power adapter products circulating to the EU must pass CE certification; GS certification is a voluntary certification, and this kind of certification is also recognized by the EU, so some people will definitely ask, since only CE certification is good in this way, it is not the case, the GS logo, although not a legal requirement, can indeed make the manufacturer subject to strict German (Europe)Constraints of product safety law. Therefore, GS logo is a powerful market tool, which can enhance customers' confidence and purchasing desire. For more information, please pay attention to Shenzhen power adapter manufacturers. The above information is compiled and released by Shenzhen moso Technology Co. , Ltd!
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