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by:MOSO     2020-02-20
The circuit diagram of the imported 24V switching power supply module is a circuit diagram used to reflect the operation principle of the electronic circuit, also known as the 'electrical schematic diagram '. This figure is generally used in the design and analysis of circuits because it directly reflects the structure and operation principle of electronic circuits. When analyzing the circuit, we can understand the actual operation of the circuit by identifying the symbols of various circuit components drawn on the drawing and the connection mode between them. The block diagram is a circuit diagram that uses the box and the wiring to represent the operation principle and composition of the circuit. Basically, this is also a schematic diagram, but in this drawing, there are almost no other symbols except boxes and lines. The main difference between it and the above schematic diagram is that all the components of the circuit and their connection modes are drawn in detail on the schematic diagram, while the block diagram simply divides the circuit into several parts according to its functions, describe each part as a box, add a simple text description to the box, and use a line between the boxes to explain the relationship between the boxes. Dear Customer: Hello! Welcome to our website. At present, you are on the product page of imported 24V switching power supply module. The introduction of this product on this page is relatively simple. If you want to know the product parameters in detail, warm Reminder: You can get in touch with us by viewing other pages/messages/phone calls to further understand the relevant product information, and we are fully prepared to serve you. Our company also sells products such as ARTESYN power supply, imported high-power switching power supply, etc. Welcome to check! The performance and quality of the products and the perfection of the service are our endless pursuit. Please feel free to buy your favorite products.
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