Artificial intelligence will bring about changes to smart home?

by:MOSO     2020-03-07
Artificial intelligence will bring about changes to smart home? As Google in 2014 to $3. 2 billion acquisition of smart home startup Nest then, intelligent household fire! Smart hardware fire! How the fire? According to the data of IT orange, intelligent hardware financing at home and abroad in 2014 273 m, 2015 150 home intelligent hardware financing at home and abroad. Been predicted by research institutions, intelligent household is a billionaire market, capital, entrepreneurs, Internet giant, the traditional home appliance makers are crazy, in order to wait for the arrival of the tuyere. But in 2016, is the end of 2015, even before capital market and the media are not so crazy in the thermal smart home. Intelligent household products are ready, but why didn't come to the wind? This is not a dream home! But the real status of smart home is what kind of? Is most smart products on the market at the remote control and timing phase, such as to open the light control, need you to take out a cellular phone, open apps, find you want to open the lamp, open to touch. Really is not so convenient? This is a lot of consumer not acceptable. For this problem, there are professionals said that 'the development of smart home is divided into three stages: the first stage is the intelligent of the item, and such as a smart light, an intelligent socket, a smart door lock, etc. The second stage is the linkage of the different intelligent item, such as smart door lock opens, the light is opened, the temperature sensor to detect temperature higher than 25 degrees higher than open automatically when the air conditioning, PM2. 5 sensors detect the air quality is bad, automatically open the air purifier, etc. ; The third stage is based on artificial intelligence, big data, and so on to realize automatic, self-study, perception of the home intelligent control system, the phase of the smart home is ordinary sellers expect smart home, it can automatic learning and analysis to the home of consumer habits and preferences, automatically open the home appliances and lighting, consumers do not need to interfere with and control. 'At present, the development of the artificial intelligence AI news fast, we can speculate that artificial intelligence is likely to open the key technology of intelligent household as overseers two veins, realize the intelligent household,' understand 'you truly will great convenience and comfort of our home life.
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