Any discount for large order 150w led driver ?
The quantity discount is often available when large volumes of led driver are required. We promise that we can offer an unbeatable price for every customer. Throughout the whole supply chain, raw materials purchase, the cost of which occupies a large portion of the overall cost, further influences our final sales price. When purchasing large orders, it means that we need to purchase a large number of raw materials from suppliers which give us a decreased cost per unit of materials. In such cases, we are able to offer a more favorable price for customers who ask for greater numbers of goods.

Shenzhen MOSO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is regarded as a specialist in the LED Driver High Bay LED Driver field. MOSO provides a wide range of constant-current led power supply for customers. MOSO isolated driver consists of various electrical components. They include gears, pistons, engines and other moving parts, all is of high quality. The product has at least 50MΩ insulation resistance. The product keeps the devices from the damage caused by over high temperature or overheats, hence, it extends the service life of the device. Its output has a wide range of load adaptability.

MOSO ​will continue to provide professional services to each customer. Check now!
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