Although there are two standards for server power supply: ATX and SSI

by:MOSO     2020-02-19
Although ATX and SSI standards exist in server power supply at present, with the standardization of SSI standards, SSI specifications are more suitable for the development of servers, and SSI specifications will certainly be used for server power supply in the future. SSI specification is conducive to promoting the development of IA servers. In the future, the CPU dominant frequency that can be supported will be higher and higher, the power consumption will be larger and larger, the hard disk capacity and rotation speed will be larger and larger, and more and more high-speed devices can be plugged in. In order to reduce heat generation and save energy, SSI server power supply will develop in the direction of low voltage, high power, high density, high efficiency and distribution in the future. The server uses quite a lot of accessories, supports 4 or more CPUs, and can mount 4 ~ hard disks ~ 10 pieces, the memory capacity can be expanded to as much as 10 GB, these accessories are large energy-consuming, such as the use of Xeon (Xeon) Processor, whose power consumption has reached more than 80 watts (W) , And the power consumed by each SCSI hard disk is also 10 watts (W) Above, therefore, the power required by the server system is much higher than that of the PC. Generally, only 200 watts of power is sufficient for the PC, while the server needs a high-power power supply of more than 300 watts to above kilowatts. In the actual choice, different applications have different requirements for server power supply. Industries such as telecommunications, securities and finance emphasize the security of data and the stability of the system, therefore, the server power supply should have high reliability. At present, excellent servers mostly use redundant power supply technology, which has the functions of current sharing, failover, etc. , which can effectively avoid the impact of power failure on the system and realize 24 × 7 non-stop operation. N 1 redundancy is more common in redundant power supplies, which can ensure that the system will not be paralyzed in case of a power failure. The redundant power supply usually cooperates with the hot-swappable technology, that is, the hot-swappable redundant power supply, which can unplug the faulty power supply and replace it with a intact power supply when the system is running, therefore, the stability and reliability of the server system are greatly improved. Dear Customer: Hello! Thank you for coming to our website. Your current location is our server power product page. If you want to know more about this product, please remind you: you can get in touch with us to further understand the relevant product information by viewing other pages/messages/phone calls. We welcome you to inquire.
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