Adjustable voltage power adapter power adapter moso technology SOY: new adjustable voltage power adapter on sale online!

by:MOSO     2020-03-14
SOY is a well-known power supply manufacturer enterprise, Chinese shenzhen moso technology co. , LTD. , the main products include power adapter, car charger, charger, etc. , including more charger products won the qualcomm Quick Charge 2. 0 the official certification. Recently, models of SOY - SOY has released 205、SOY- 206、SOY- 207 the new power adapter, 3 - respectively 15V 1. 0 a output, 3 - 12 v 2。 5 a output, 13. 5 v - 30V 1. 0 a output. In addition this product abandoned the traditional power supply mode of fixed power output, can use multiple voltage regulation, and it's another highlight, lies in the DC interface, the interface can match most DC head size, domestic traditional adapter DC head interface basic are fixed size is given priority to. The power adapter is only a black and white color optional, size is 97 * 54 * 32 mm, products have passed CE, FCC, UL, ETL and other international certification, the products have 6 levels of energy efficiency standards, is now SOY official online sale.
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