Adjustable light way choice

by:MOSO     2020-03-08
< Electrical & gt; As a professional LED light manufacturer, very understand the principle of LED lighting, LED light-emitting principle with traditional lighting, is to rely on P - N junction, with the power of the LED light source, because of its using different chip, current voltage parameter is different, so the internal structure and circuit wiring distribution is different also, LED LED adjustable light switch factory light also have different requirements, so the control system and light electrical mismatch has become the common fault of the industry, also for the diversification of LED control system are also put forward higher challenge. If you don't form a complete set of control systems and lighting equipment, may cause or flashing lights went out, and possible damages to the LED driver circuit and the light. There are five kinds of LED lighting control on the market. 1, frontier facies (cutting FPC) , silicon controlled dimmer, along the cut after phase 2 ( RPC) MOS tube dimming, 1-3 10VDC 4、DALI( The digital addressable lighting interface) 5、DMX512 ( Or DMX) We produce thyristor adjustable light has a good reputation in the industry, and continuously research and development, the optimization of new LED light products, for the country's energy conservation and emissions reduction out of a force. Is guangdong electronic ballast well-known enterprises, as well as professional LED light manufacturer and electronic ballast manufacturers, we can according to customer requirements and the actual use of the environment, customized products and provide integrated solutions for customers, for the general customers to provide quality and efficient products. We look forward to cooperate with customers and friends from all over the world hand in hand, create brilliance. Service hotline: website: ali website, https://
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