Adapter, power adapter plugs are unsafe?

by:MOSO     2020-03-14
Most people when it comes to mobile phone chargers, adapters, and other products of safe hidden trouble, will be thinking of whether product leakage, radiation, conduction, charge and discharge and other questions. But few would idea to the adapter pin is also a great potential safety hazard. Search through the network we is not hard to find, because metal adapter plugs ( Bolt) The situation of the accidental injuries occur. Accidentally stepped on the foot, for example, the charger plug, foot bolt pricking blood; Of the baby was accidentally dropped charger to hit to the head, the metal plugs ( Bolt) Scratch the skin; The head immodesty metals into the charger plug, draw two slits, etc. So the adapter plugs why will appear this kind of hurt? Adapter plugs cuts are mainly two things: one is when the adapter or charging device plugged into the wall, due to the outside world a variety of reasons, accidental removal of product from the wall, This kind of situation is very possible) 。 If the product is too big or the weight of the center of gravity position is not appropriate, product bolt could scratch the body, or stabbed, feet and other vulnerable parts of the face. Extreme case, if vertical bolt just fall on the child's head, may be life-threatening. The second is when the adapter is randomly placed randomly drop or, like on a sofa or bed, if the bolt is up, consumers rapidly to unintentionally or fall into or sharply to lie down on it, is likely to cause harm. Injuries mainly group is the old man and the child. The direct plug-in power adapter ( The charger) The main factors of bolt mechanical dangerous straight plug-in power adapter ( The charger) The weight and center of gravity position, straight plug type adapter ( The charger) The activity of the pin and into the power adapter ( The charger) The shell shape design, pin sharp degree, etc. So far at home and abroad standards has yet to upright type power adapter ( The charger) The bolt may cause unexpected danger to safety requirements. But in the national standard ( GB1002 - 2008). Size etc in the specification of the 3 c pin chamfering R have strict requirements, from this point, it greatly reduces the risk of injury to the bolt is too sharp. Adapter manufacturer here remind consumer customers, and use the charger, the choose and buy to for safety performance more wary. Do not place the charger literally, avoid to bolt up, lest cause invisible security risk, endanger the safety of yourself and your family.
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